Micro Pigs For Sale

The number of micro pigs for sale has skyrocketed ever since Paris Hilton adopted her micro-pig back in 2009. With the craze sweeping over many celebrities, it wouldn’t be long before micro pigs would become an average family pet.


Some breeders advertising micro pigs for sale may not be selling you the genuine thing. Genuine micro pigs will have very little hair and their parents will be quite small at around 13 inches high and weighing 40-50 pounds. Always make sure you see the piglet’s parents and/or grandparents, to make sure the micro pig for sale is not an average piglet that is being sold as miniature.

There isn’t an actual breed of pig that is a “micro pig”. Advertised micro pigs can be of various breeds so make sure the parents of the pig are small so there is a greater chance yours will stay small too. However the Kune Kune pig is the worlds smallest breed of pig, so If you are looking at micro pigs for sale and are scared of the size it may grow to, have a look at a Kunekune pig. These genetically won’t get any bigger and are the smallest breed in the world.


You are looking at £250-£1000 each for a micro pig but prices vary between location, breeder and the current availability. They typically live for 15-20 years so you do need to be committed to them. After the initial purchase of your new friend, you will need to buy its food (around £3 a week), shelter, bedding and treats. The price of treats depends on how much you give them, but remember the more treats you give them, the more weight they will put on and the bigger they get.


There are many micro pig breeders out there selling but you may want to think about where your pig is coming and buy your pig from a well-known breeder or farm.

Some people sell their pigs when they have grown up a little because they didn’t realise how big they were going to get. These loving creatures need a caring home too and are just as friendly and caring as a piglet so if you are considering a micro pig, consider rehoming a pig in need.