Micro pigs, teacup pigs, miniature pigs and potbelly pigs

Micro pigs, miniature pigs, teacup pigs, or potbelly pigs, whatever you call them, these baby pigs make an ideal pet and a great addition to the family. They are fun loving animals that will give you back the love you give to them. They get along with other pets and children and they are hypo-allergenic so they make the perfect pet if you have allergies. They do however require some work so you should make your home ready for their arrival.

Size and feeding

Feeding on grass and low fat pig feed, these small pets grow to the size of a Labrador dog, but be careful Micro pigs are pigs! They grow much bigger than the cute little baby pig you fall in love with when adopting them, so make sure you have room in your home, garden and family to keep them happy and healthy.

Micro pigs put on weight very easily so should be kept at a healthy weight by providing them with the nutrition they need and not too many treats. It is easy to treat your pig from the scraps on your table but this will make them put on weight and grow bigger than you expected. Once they put on this weight it is very hard for them to lose it, almost impossible, so make sure from the start, you keep the treats to a minimum as habits are hard to break.

Like any animal, micro pigs should have access to clean fresh water at all times. You should also provide them with a larger bowl when feeding as they like to snuffle their food about, so make sure the bowl is larger than the amount of food in it so they can move their food around.


Micro pigs are very smart, these loving pets can be trained to do many tricks in the same way you would teach a dog, with attention, love and treats!

Not only can you teach them cool exciting tricks to show off to your friends and family, but they can be litter trained. Teach your new pet to use the litter tray like a cat or to go outside like a dog, however, you will still need to clean the mess up afterwards.

When litter training, make sure you put the tray right next to their bed so they know just where to find it. Like dogs they like to go first thing in the morning so placing the tray next to their bed will minimise accidents.

When training them to go outside, make sure the path is always clear for them to get out, and consider a cat flap so they are able to go when the need to.


Garden Space

Micro pigs need room to roam, graze and dig. They need a nice big garden with digging areas separated from grazing areas. You should separate your garden into different areas for your pig so it gets into a routine and it allows you to keep your garden looking pretty and not like a pigsty.

Micro pigs like to graze, so a nice big grassy area where your pig can eat the grass at its leisure would be ideal. You will never need to cut your grass again as your new family member will take care of that for you digging out weeds and fertilising your plants.

They like to dig, but you don’t want them digging up the lawn they just perfectly mowed for you so have a separate area where your pig can spend their time on their favourite hobby, digging! You should provide an outside shelter for your micro pig, even though they may sleep inside, a simple garden shed will allow them to take shelter when they are outside. If you can’t provide them with an outside shelter why not think about a cat flap to allow them to come inside when the have had enough of truffling about.

Micro pigs are clean animals but sometimes they do get a little messy after they have been digging so be sure to clean them up before you take them back into the house.


Micro pigs are able to sleep inside or out but it would be preferable if you pick one or the other and don’t have your pet sleeping inside one night and outside the next. You want them to get used to the climate and changing their sleeping routine all the time is not the best way to keep you pig happy.

Outside pigs like to have a nice cosy shelter with no drafts, full of dry straw or hay to keep them off the damp ground. This keeps them warm, dry and comfortable as they nod off ready for the next day of exploring.

Inside pigs will be warmer but still like a little place to call their own, so you should provide them with their own bed with blankets and pillows. Like many young children, these blankets become a layer of security so you may find your micro pig trailing their favourite blanket with them wherever they go, they love them.

The Law

Under the law, micro pigs are livestock and you will need a licence to keep them but don’t let that stop you bringing a new bundle of joy into your family. Each council's rules and licences you need are different but don’t worry, these can usually be obtained by filling out a simple form but please check your local council for more information before buying a micro pig.