Understanding the Pros and Cons of Owning Micro Pigs

Incredibly intelligent, social, and caring animals, micro pigs are a common option for individuals and families who don't want a traditional pet. And while exciting, most potential owners are ill-informed regarding the pros and cons of owning a pig themselves.

Below, we'll discuss the distinct pros and cons of purchasing one of many micro pigs for sale to help you better determine whether or not you want to invest in your own pet.



Pros of Owning a Pet Pig

As you can imagine, there are several reasons in favour of owning your own micro pig.

Easy to Train

Due to their high intelligence, it's fairly simple to train a pig to behave as you wish and to perform tricks. Pigs respond especially well to positive reinforcement training with food as it motivates them to behave as requested.

Affectionate Companions and Communicators

Like dogs, pigs have a high emotional intelligence level which causes them to be exceptional companions for individuals and families alike.

Communication ranges from excited squeals to deep coughing when upset, meaning that it is simple to determine how your pet is feeling at all times. The best part is that pigs love to root in blankets too, making them affectionate cuddlers on lazy afternoons or late evenings.

Easy Everyday Maintenance

While some micro pigs experience health issues that can make routine care difficult and costly, pigs are by nature very easy to maintain.

Their hair is hypoallergenic and doesn't shed, making them an excellent traditional pet alternative for those with allergies. And, because they only require an annual vet visit to receive vaccinations and hoof trimmings, you typically won't be dealing with expensive care you might not be able to afford.


Cons of Owning a Pet Pig

As is the case with all pets, there are several potential cons when it comes to owning a micro pig.

Potential for Destruction

While some owners purchase their pig believing that they will remain small their entire lifetime, this simply isn't the case. Most pigs will grow to be between 50 and 60 pounds minimum, meaning that they can cause real damage to your home.

When neglected or bored, your treasured pet can become disruptive and ruin flooring, destroy drywall, pick through trash cans, or ruin your landscaping.

Messy Rooting Habits

Because pigs are almost completely blind, they rely on rooting to learn about their environment and source food. This means that they will almost always tear up landscaping in search of food or nutrients.

Susceptible to Heat and Stress

A pig's inactive lifestyle and body structure means that all too often, they can experience health issues due to stress, heat, or improper care. With regular exercise and activities, you can avoid these issues.

However, note that both heat and stress can deteriorate the health of your pig and can have you paying expensive medical bills to keep your companion alive.

Make Sure You Consider All Pros and Cons Before Purchasing Your Micro Pigs

When you're looking at micro pigs for sale, it's difficult to remember the cons to pig ownership.

But by considering all of the pros and cons, you can be confident with your decision and comfortable with the new micro pig companion you've chosen for yourself.