Miniature Pot Belly Pigs vs. Teacup Pigs: What's the Real Difference?

While both smaller than standard pigs, miniature pot belly pigs and teacup pigs are often considered the same. But, are they really?

When you consider the primary details regarding each, they are. And while the differences are slight, they are notable.

Of course, owners of both will enjoy the same small size and sociable personalities individuals and families alike seek in this popular pet. However, noting the primary differences between the two is essential to ensure that when you're purchasing your pet, you make the right decision.

Differences in Physical Appearance

The most prevalent difference between miniature and teacup pigs is their size and stature.

Typically, a teacup pig will mature between two and three years of age, reaching around 14 to 15" tall and weights as low as 25 pounds. In contrast, mini pot bellied pigs are slightly taller and weigh anywhere between 35 and 60 pounds when fully grown, making them the larger of the two (sometimes by a significant amount).

As you might suspect, both of these animals are great for apartment living where there are greater restrictions regarding weight limits for animals. And, because both types of pigs are easily occupied by toys, they can be left alone for periods of time should you leave for work or need to run errands.

Differences in Behavior

While both types of pigs require proper socializing and training to behave correctly, there are certain behavioural differences that are notable between the two.

Primarily due to its size, mini pot belly pigs are more likely to challenge human authority. On the other hand, teacup pigs are smaller and, while less likely to challenge authority, will also need positive reinforcement to learn their place in a home.

Differences in Diet

While pigs would be glad to eat from sunrise to sunset, it's vital that you feed your pet the proper amounts of food at proper times.

Being the larger of the two, the miniature potbellied pig will require more food, however, you always want to restrict access to food so that your pet doesn't become overweight.

Selecting Your New Pet Just Got Simpler

Differing in size, behaviour, and diet, miniature pot belly pigs and teacup pigs are both great options for individuals and families looking for a friendly, sociable companion.

Chose the one that is right for you and begin enjoying the beginning of 15 to 20 years you can expect with your new pet.